Beautiful weekend journey in Himachal!

Himachal Pradesh


 The great pen Rudyard Kipling formerly described Himachal Pradesh as, “Surely, the Gods live then … ” The spitting beauty of this Himalayan state in North India has charmed many a soul since time old. From holy residences to antique townlets, gurgling becks

 to glacial lakes, lush green ranges to snow- culminated peaks – there’s no dearth of serenity in this place. But maybe the biggest heritage of Himachal Pradesh is the multitudinous touring trails that allow the rovers to explore its beauty and seek retreat amidst nature.


 Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the most iconic journeys in Western Himalayas, like Deo Tibba Trek and Hampta Pass Trek. You do n’t need to worry if you can not go to take a long time out; or if you’re an amateur mountaineer just starting out. There are a number of short journeys in Himachal Pradesh that are mesmerizing. While journeys to Patalsu Peak, Lamadugh Peak, and Beas Kund are great options from Manali, the hill stations of Dharamshala and McLeodganj have other stunning destinations like Triund Hill, Bhagsu Nag, and Kareri Lake. In the month of March, the Hampta Pass journey, Kareri Lake journey are visited by most of the pedestrians.


 Then are some of the stylish short journeys in Himachal that you can take over the weekend to rejuvenate yourself


 1. Beas Kund Trek:

It is believed to be the bathing place of Sage Veda Vyas while he meditated and mandated the Hindu grand Mahabharata.  

 The Beas Kund journey starts from Dhundi and takes you through the mesmerizing campaigns, filled with blooming wildflowers and grazing cattle. The campground for the first day is at Dhundi on the green pitches by the bank of Beas. The coming day, walk through the ancient timbers of Deodar, pine, and maple, which have stood then for periods. The silence of the forestland is mesmerising, except for the occasional cicadas. By the time you reach the lake, the trees vanish to make way for bare mountain boulders and patches of snow on them.

The lake itself is a magnificent body in sparkling blue with vibrant flowers growing in the champagne around. Views of peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters, and Friendship Peak will accompany you on the way over. After soaking in the beauty of the peak, continue hiking to Bakarthach for another 4- 5 hours through jewels and boulders, and also make your way back to Dhundi. On The Following day, walk down to Solang Nallah to complete your journey.

 Duration 3 days

 Difficulty Easy to Moderate

 Altitude ft

 Start and end point Dhundi


 2. Patalsu Trek:

 Like numerous amazing journeys of Himachal Pradesh, Patalsu Peak journey starts from Solang Nallah near the beautiful city of Manali. The trail goes through open alpine champaigns, narrow crests, moraine paths, and also it traverses through some thick timbers of oak and pine before taking you to the peak of Mount Patalsu at. On your way, you can anticipate to have some intriguing raspberry- watching experience and spot species like monals and pheasants.


 On the first day, you’ll drive from Manali to Solang Valley which is 14 km down and journey to Solang Village. The coming day, you’ll reach the beautiful open meadow of Shagadugh, where you’ll chamber for the alternate night. The third day, start your trip a little early in the morning and reach the witching

 Patalsu peaks eventually in the autumn. The journey is a moderate bone

 with 4- 5 hours rise every day, but the experience comes as a satisfying bone

 Anticipate beautiful nature full of pine trees and fresh blossoms, especially in Shagadung clearing.

 Duration 4 days

 Difficulty Easy to Moderate

Altitude ft

 launch and endpoint Solang Nallah, Manali


 3. Triund Trek:

The Triund journey is largely popular as a journey for newcomers in HimachalPradesh.This is one of the most enigmatic 2 days journeys in Himachal. With admiration- inspiring views of Dhauladhar range on one side and the beautiful Kangra Valley on another, Triund journey starts from McLeodganj and follows a mesmerising trail. Walk up till the first checkpoint at Gallu Devi Temple which is plain and mundane, but after that starts the stretch of timber.

There’s a popular bone

 called Magic View Café from where you can get the stylish view of Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra Valley.

 Duration 2 days

 Difficulty Easy to Moderate

Altitude ft

 launch and endpoint McLeodganj or Dharamkot




 4. Kareri Lake Trek:

All you need is a long weekend to complete this miraculous odd journey in the Kangra quarter of Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the stylish weekend treks inHimachal.For this flight to the glacial Kareri Lake formed by the water aqueducts gushing down from the Minkiani Peak, you have to reach the lovely city of Dharamshala. From there, you’ll have to walk around 25 km to Kareri Village and also 6 km further to Liyoti Village amidst the original Gaddi Tribe for a night stay. The coming day, walk through the timbers of oak, pine, and rhododendron, and climb steep ascents along Kareri Nallah and Nyund Nallah streams to reach Reoti vill campground. From there, it’ll take many alpine fields and rustic islands across streamlets to reach the mountainous Kareri Lake in Minkiani Pass.

 Duration 6- 7 hours

 Difficulty Easy to Moderate

 Altitude ft

 Launch and endpoint Dharamshala


 5. Kheerganga Trek:

 Kheerganga, a delightful 2 days journey in Himachal is one of the most sought- after journey routes from Kasol in the beautiful Parvati Valley. A point of church, in substance, is Kheerganga and the trail leading up to it’s speckled with immense natural beauty.

 Duration 2 days

 Difficulty Easy

 Altitude ft

 launch and endpoint Barshaini village via Kasol

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