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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Unmissable Treks To Do



Kashmir is complete of unprecedented beauty, postcard-ideal scenes. Our trek in Kashmir traverses a number of the hidden jewels withinside the Kashmiri mountain cape of the pristine alpine excessive altitude lakes of Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar. Nundkol and Gangbal. Now you already know the purpose for the trek named because the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek circuit is recommended, in case you are seeking out inexperienced meadows packed with colourful wildflowers, herbal shadeation converting water lakes, meandering streams and brilliant Himalayan perspectives.

Our trek path follows the historic routes taken via way of means of the Gujjars – The nomadic shepherds of Kashmir. Starting from the well-known hill station in Sonamarg, our trekkers are thrilled with breathtaking perspectives of rugged snow-capped mountains, colourful grasslands, and trout stuffed crystal clean lakes. The trek in each phrases bodily and mentally difficult with the very best byskip to be crossed being at 1491m with rocky terrain. Trekkers want to be bodily suit and must have a penchant for the Himalayan remoteness to revel in the trek.


Detailed Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Itinerary:


The Great Lakes Trek spans over 7 nights and 8 days. 5 days of nonstop lift will be followed by one day of descent, with a day in the middle reserved for adaptation. This Kashmir Great Lake Trek Guide covers 72 km and will pass through measures as the loftiest altitude point.


Day 1 :

This will be the first day of your trip. Moment you’ll arrive at Sonamarg (2730 measures) from Srinagar via a 3-hour auto lift. On this day, you’ll get an original regard into the different and singular geography beauty that Kashmir has to offer. The area near the Sindh swash in Shitkadi Village is a reticent campground where you can set up your camp, help your body adapt to the temperature, and relax for the day.


Day 2 :

Sonamarg to Nichnai (3505 measures) via Shekdur. Moment is the first sanctioned day of your journey covering about 11 km through roughly 8 hours. The rise will start via Srinagar road. At precisely the 3 km mark outside Sonamarg, you’ll come across a small roadside hut with essential food salable from where you can buy dry food rudiments. This will be your last hassle with any form of civilization until the very end of your journey in Narang. The route on this day is lined with thick timbers of pine, maple, and birch, which incontinently transports pedestrians to a land of paradisiacal rummy. Coupled with the beauty of the timber are the engaging sights from the Sonamarg Valley and the Thajiwas glacier. Settle beside the Nichnai sluice for the day and prepare for hereafter’s ascent


Day 3 :

Nichnai to Vishansar lake ( measures) via Nichnai pass. Moment’s journey will be a steep ascent for about2/4 hours over to the Nichnai pass, from which point onwards there’s a descent until Vishansar lake, which can be completed within 3 hours. The majestic beauty of the lake will be supplemented by the foliage of the wildflower meadows that you’ll substantiation in plenitude on this day.


Day 4 :

The fourth day is generally reserved as a rest day for body adaptation before the high ascent to Gadsar passes the following day. Visit the turquoise blue waters of the Kishansar lake ( measures) overlooking the majestic snow- limited Himalayan ranges-a sight whose beauty will be permanently etched in your mind.


Day 5 :

Vishansar lake to Gadsar via the Gadsar pass (4206 measures). This is a high- altitude journey that will cover a distance of roughly 14 km over 10 hours. The rise to the Kishansar lake is relatively grueling, post which one will encounter a steep ascent till the Gadsar pass. Moment’s journey will be laborious, and starting indeed before is judicious. Still, the beauty of what you’ll behold before you’ll be twice satisfying. The Yamsar lake ( measures) on the one hand and an unmatched diversity of foliage on the other will offer a view akin to a oil. At the zenith of your journey, catch a regard of the Nanga Parbat ( measures).


Day 6 :

Gadsar to Sat Sar takes 9 kilometers over roughly 6 hours. This route is lined with the vibrant tinges of a variety of flowers that bloom at their stylish during July and August. On your ascent up to Kustoorkut, you’ll witness a sequestered endless agreement, a Vagrant helmet called Jawdara. The top magnet of this route is the binary Sat Sar lakes ( measures) you’ll encounter moment. Lounge in their beauty and prisoner with your mind’s eye the magnificence of this heavenly immolation.


Day 7 :

Sat Sar to Gangabal binary lakes ( measures) via Zaj Pass ( measures) over 11 kilometers for roughly 6 hours. At the zenith of moment’s rise at Zaj Pass, you’ll witness the splendor of the four lakes. The spectacular view ofMt. Harmukh ( measures) will also offer a unique treat to your eyes. Descend till the Gangabal lake and set up a camp at the touching Nandkol lake ( measures).


Day 8 :

Gangabal to Narang Valley ( measures). The journey will start with a brief ascent up to Trundkhul in Budshare Ridge. The final upwardly trip begins from this point, followed by 4 hours of nonstop descent up to the Narang Valley. From Narang Valley, you can bespeak a return trip to Srinagar.

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