Ananthagiri hills



Ananthagiri Hills is located in Ranga Reddy district, Vikarabad, Telangana in India. From the hills of Ananthagiri, the water flows towards Osmansagar and Himayatsagar. This hill is one of the dense forests of Telangana and Ananthagiri temple is situated in this forest area. It’s the motherland of the Musi River, which flows through Hyderabad. It is 5 km away from Vikarabad. It is one of the foremost inhabited areas. Ancient caves, medieval fort structures and temples show the antiquity of the region. The experience of a night camp in the Ananthagiri hills of Telangana is mesmerizing.

Highlights of Ananthagiri Hills

  •   A campsite with a valley view and overnight stay in clean campsites.
  •   Campfire, light music, and unlimited dinner are available.
  •   View of sunset and sunrise during the stay.

Travel program

12:30  – Meetup at Gachibowli Outer Ring Road

1:00 AM –  Start for Ananthagiri

2:30  –  Arrive at Vikarabad Stop for tea

3:30  –  Arrive at Camping Spot

4:00 PM –  Trek to Sunset Point

5:00  – Start tenting

6 to 8  – barbic

8 to 9  – Explore the Night Sky

          08:00  –  sleep

Interesting facts about Ananthagiri Hills

  •   Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple is considered to be one of the most exciting places in the Ananthagiri hills which attracts religious tourists from all over India.
  •   There are two routes in Ananthagiri hills which are popular for trekking. These trails lead to forests, where some unusual species can be seen.
  •   The Musi River, which is connected to the most sacred river in the Himalayas, is considered a sacred stream that attracts tourists and religious people alike.
  •   Situated at this place is a huge Ananthagiri Falls which flows from a great height, offering some breathtaking views from the top.
  •   It is an ideal place for first time trekkers to go on trekking, as it is safe and comfortable, which makes the experience a memorable one.
  •   There is a large group of ancient caves and forts here which attract people who love history and art.

Best time to visit


Ananthagiri Hills are open whenever you want to visit Ananthagiri Hills. This magnificent hill station is considered great either for night camping and stargazing at night as well as for fun-filled treks in the morning. Although Ananthagiri Hills is visited at any time of the year, the best time to visit is during the months of October to March. Here one can enjoy pleasant weather during winter in these months. One can smell the aroma of fresh coffee beans in the air which elevates the ambiance completely. Summers are generally avoided because of the temperature up to 40°C which causes humid weather. The monsoon here is somewhere unsuitable for trekking, boating and other such activities as the possibility of risk increases due to heavy rainfall.

Things to take to night camp

  • Shoes and slippers with which you feel most comfortable.
  • extra pair of clothing, swimwear
  • water bottles while trekking
  • torch light
  • sleeping bag or two sheets
  • extra set of clothing, winter wear

Some important things

Although most of the people are not serious trekkers, everyone has an equal responsibility to protect their beloved earth. Infinite Adventures sincerely requests all its members to be environmentally conscious and responsible while on the trek and avoid littering of any kind, screaming in the wild, or anything that disturbs the general ecology. One should try to avoid plastic as much as possible and should neither spread dirt nor pollution of water. This is not a luxury trip, but still, every care can be taken to make the trip comfortable. If you are not feeling well while trekking, bring it to the notice of the organizers immediately.


This masterpiece represents the serenity it offers when spending a night in the Ananthagiri hills, away from Hyderabad. Ananthagiri Hills is located a short drive from Hyderabad and is one of the densest forests in the Telangana region. It is a romantic and very beautiful gateway with seasonal waterfalls, rich flora, many streams, picturesque landscape, the surrounding hills basically covered with medicinal plants make it an ideal trekking spot. The sound of peacocks and the chirping of birds make the Ananthagiri trek worthwhile.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway and want to witness lush greenery, lofty hills and a mesmerizing sunrise, then Ananthagiri Hills in Vikarabad district, about 80 KM from Hyderabad, is considered a good option. It is nestled inside a dense forest, the temperature drops below the average temperature of the city which makes it a perfect road trip spot to get away from the city.



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